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Wilhelmina Woolyspinner is a much loved woman amonst the village folk.  Calm, wise and caring, she provides the village with some amazing warm clothing for the long winter nights, cares for the sheep and works on designs for her new nits, giving the villagers a unique set of patterns and colours so that anone would know at a glance wherethey came from.  This comes in handly for the island games held every year in different locations where all competitiors have to have their own 'strip' to take part.  The games consist of chopping wood quickly, eating as much roast lamb as yu can in an hour and throwing an axe at a target.  Usually Axel Greatchopper, Wilhelminsa's husband wins them all but occasionally Thora Thunderthighs gives him a run for his money on all 3.   The print can be personalised with a Viking name you choose or,  if you give me a name of the recipient of this gift,  I will make up an appripriate Viking name.  If you don't specify, I will pencil the name Wilhelmina Woolyspinneron the mount.  9 x 7" mounted print in cellophabe bag.

Wilhelmina Woolyspinner - 7 x 9” Mounted print

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