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This is a print from my original watercolour of an otter cub, a rescued tiny cub being rehabilitated at the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary in Shetland.  Its a wonderful sanctuary that relies mainly on donations from the public but recently (after 30 years of commitment to saving otters and seals) was awarded funding from various sources enabling the rebuilding of the centre which now has a small but very popular visitor centre open usually at weekends in the Spring and Summer and by appointment for visiting groups.  The seals are quite happy to be viewed in their outdoor pools by the public, but the otters have to be kept from the public in order that they don't start to rely on humans for food, etc, once they are put back in the wild.  They are carefully managed but the Sanctuary have a programme of feeding them at places they are set free for a certain period of time, giving less fish over a period so they learn to be self-reliant.  There will eventually be a viewing roo where the public can view the otters at the Sanctuary without disturbing them.  This photograph was taken surreptitiously with the Sanctuary's approval when the otter was first being introduced to walking in their garden.  The print is presented in a 10" x 8" ivory mount, with a backing board and sealed in a cellophane bag.  This is a standard size so should fit any off the shelf 10" x 8" frame.  If you email me or telephone, a larger print is possible with most of my images and a price can be arranged to include postage and the larger format.

Otter cub

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