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A print of one of my best-loved paintings, unusually for me painted completely out of my head and in a loose style with a big brush. It is presented in a professional ivory mount 44 x 22 cm which gives the print a very crisp neat finish. This is an imagined scene as I often drive through the Tingwall Valley, enjoying the beautiful views either way - towards the Manse and the beautiful church, or southwards towards Scalloway with a lovely range of hills that become ever paler and more bluish in the crisp air (a watercolour painting waiting to happen!). The loch is home to many nesting birds in the spring, and there are always animals about, cows, ponies and sheep, plus fishermen out in small boats or golfers depserately trying not to lose their golfballs to the loch. A magical place and no wonder as it used to be the site of Viking gatherings where elders would gather at the Alting (annual Norse parliament) . This image is watermarked but the print would have no text.

Mirrie Dancers o'er the loch

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