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Knud Coopatnibbler is the carer for the livestock, coos, ponies, dogs & cats - the only exception is the flock of sheep looked after by his wife Wilhelmina, who likes to make sure she gets the softest wool by mollycoddling her sheep.  Axel also has a way with animals, so you can imagine it's a bit crowded in their lodge when they all settle down for the night.  Wilhelmina was a bit unsure about having a highland coo in with all their animals but he's turned out to be a great way to wind her wool, using his horns, and for safety indoors she sticks a ball of wool on each point to avoid accidents.  Knud is very fond of his coo and to persuade him to allow a nose ring to be put in, he thought he'd show him how easy & painless it was and had one fitted himself.  After about a week in bed and lots of medical attention he was able to get up and put the ring in the coo's nose!  The print can be personalised with a Viking name you choose or,  if you give me a name of the recipient of this gift,  I will make up an appripriate Viking name.  If you don't specify, I will pencil the name Knud Coopatnibbler on the mount.  9 x 7" mounted print in cellophane bag.

Knud Coopatnibbler

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