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Haakon is the older son of Magnus Mucklechopper and Thora Thunderthighs, and is the one in the village who most loves the ponies and helps out Knud in feeding, grooming and caring for them.  His favourite is a gentle mare called Hilda that he first sat on as a tiny toddler and he, Hilda, and his dog, Harald the Hairy, love nothing better than to set out on an adventure together with a lump of cheese, a flask of water and a bone for the dog.  He is often in trouble but everybody treats him kindly.  After all, he is the son of Thora Thunderthighs.   The print can be personalised with a Viking name you choose or,  if you give me a name of the recipient of this gift,  I will make up an appripriate Viking name.  If you don't specify, I will pencil the name Haakon the Horse Whisperer on the mount. Presented in a 9 x 7" ivory mount and cellophane bag.

Haakon the Horse Whisperer

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