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Axel Greatchopper is one of a cast of Viking characters of my original design, digitally painted and mounted in Ivory to fit any standard 7 x 9” frame.  Axel is famed in his village as the fastest wood choper and is very busy wheneve a new longboat neds to be built.  He keeps his axe so sharp and clean he can trim his own beard with it but, amazingly, still has all his own fiingers!  The print can be personalised with a Viking name you choose or,  if you give me a name of the recipient of this gift,  I will make up an appripriate Viking name.  If you don't specify, I will pencil the name Axel Greatchopper on the mount.  The print is presented in 9 x 7" mount and a cellophane bag.

Axel Greatchopper

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